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Hey Gaming Guru,

You never answered my question! I don't care about your milk-drinking story! I need those Half Life cheat codes! I'm serious! They're the only way I'm gonna get my fifty bucks worth of playing out of this game!

Chicago, IL

The Guru Responds...

Hey Tad, thanks for asking! Your mention of the QBob/milk/keyboard accident reminds me to tell you the really exciting thing that happened next! I was wiping up the milk that had spilled on the keyboard, and I looked up and saw that QBob had a shield on him! The game must have continued running when I spilled the milk! And when I wiped up the mess, I inadvertently discovered a cheat code for QBob! Man, I was SOOOO excited! Anyway, thanks for the letter, Tad! if you need to know more about QBob's cheat codes, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on QBob's homepage!!

P.S. Hey Tad, you've got a mistake in your letter, by the way. QBob only costs TWENTY dollars, not FIFTY! Thanks again!

-Bob "The Gaming Guru" Guru


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