What does one get with the registered version?

The registered version contains twenty levels to conquer; five new enemies to put QBob into even greater peril; a paintgun to speed up your survey and get to those hard-to-reach cubes; grenades to scare away enemies; lots more MIDI music; the ability start play at higher levels as one gets farther in the game; five new intermission animations to tickle your funnybone and warm one's heart; and, most importantly, one gets the satisfaction of knowing he or she supports the ever-so-cool and convenient shareware method of software distribution!

What's new in version 1.4?

The latest version of QBob gets rid of the HighScore.com feature and updates our company's contact info. There are no major gameplay enhancements since version 1.3 but, should you choose to download this latest version, your registration code will still work as it did before.

Who is that green guy who keeps appearing before levels?

This mysterious figure is rumored to be half man half repitle and all fun. What he's doing is simply giving subtle hints as to what the secret cheat codes are for QBob.

What's this I hear about secret cheat codes?

During the game it is possible to type in text that will allow one to cheat his or her way to victory. We suggest you save typing these codes only as a last resort. An unidentified MoonRock source has leaked the following codes to the media:

  • HIGHLANDER = infinite lives
  • JOSHUA = invunerability
  • QUICKEN = spinning Q appears
  • CHAINMAIL = shield appears
  • PINEAPPLE = grenade appears (registered version)
  • VANGOGH = paint gun appears (registered version)

How do I color those floating cubes on level 17?

You cannot jump on the two floating cubes that are separate from the rest of the asteroid. The only way to color those cubes is to shoot them with the paint gun. The gun (it is white and spins) appears every thirty seconds or so at random places in the level.

When you jump on the gun, it will appear in the upper left hand corner of the screen. If you stand near the middle of the level and press space bar (or whatever key or mouse button you use to activate telepads), QBob will draw the gun and wait for you to tell him in which direction to shoot. To fire the paint gun, use the same control that you use to jump. Once fired, the "bullet" will paint all the cubes that it travels over in a diagonal line. The trick is to stand in just the right place to be able to shoot those side cubes, but it works!

(Also, see the QBob help file for more information about objects in the game and how to use them.)

What is new in version 1.3?

The major changes in 1.3 include improved joystick and gamepad support, an "easier" easy difficulty level, and a "Skip to Level 20" menu item. The Win3.1 version also has the "Levels" menu feature added.

What is new in version 1.2?

The most significant change in version 1.2 was the support for high score uploading to (the now defunct) HighScore.Com. There were also several minor releases to the Win3.1 version of QBob (1.2a,b,c) which contained trivial bug fixes.

What is HighScore.Com?

HighScore.Com allowed players to compare their best scores with players around the world and compete to be the top scoring player on Earth. Albeit a wonderful idea, Highscore.com went under and this function has been removed from the very latest versions of Qbob. If you downloaded QBob from a site other than MoonRock's this feature may still be enabled, but it won't work. We suggest you get the latest version by visiting our download Qbob page.

Back in the day, when the Highscore was still in business, if you achieved a high score playing QBob, after the game had ended, a box would come up on the screen asking you to enter your name and whether you wanted to post your score to Highscore.com. If you selected to post, your score would have been uploaded to Highscore for display on their website. Pretty cool, huh?

What is new in version 1.1?

There have been many changes since version 1.0. Most notably, the new version can be unlocked with a registration code to become the full registered version. Also we have added a bonus timer allowing players to rack up even higher scores depending on how fast they complete a level. Shields will only stay on the screen for a limited amount of time. Several performance issues have been improved to allow better play on machines with less memory. The MIDI music has been remixed to sound better on machines with wavetable cards. Now the game has full screen support and there are three levels of difficulty to add to the challenge.

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