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Dear Game Guru,

I love challenging my brother in Mortal Kombat 4 and I am always looking for new strategies to defeat him. I usually pick Cyrax as my character and I have pretty good luck with my missiles. However, I never can seem to defeat my brother when he plays Sub-Zero. His freeze attacks are just too relentless. Tell me, what's the combo I need to counter his icy barrage?

Foster City, CA

The Guru Responds...

Believe me Kim, I know how intense sibling rivalries can become. However, watch out that your quest for victory doesn't strain your relationship with your brother. Once I was playing a three player game of QBob with my sister and my dad. Things got pretty intense. I managed to get to the second intermission on only my second life! The others didn't do quite as well. Heck, let's face it, I'm a Game Guru...I blew them away! Any other family would have been torn apart, but my family has grown through communication and understanding. They realize I have made certain personal sacrifices to become a Game Guru, and that for every game I win, for each level I pass, and for every mini-boss monster I defeat, I gain that much more my respect in my often cuthroat profession.

-Bob "The Gaming Guru" Guru


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