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Dear Mr. Gaming Guru,

I've been playing Half Life for about a month now, and I just can't get past the first level! But I have just got to see the big monster at the end of the game! Could you please tell me the cheat codes?

Chicago, IL

The Guru Responds...

You know, Tad, your question reminds me of the funniest story! I was playing QBob one day, and I had finally reached level 20, the FINAL LEVEL! I was SOOO nervous! But then the big boss monster on the final level started speaking! He had such a hilarious voice that I burst out in laughter! I laughed so hard that milk came out my nose and got all over my keyboard! The strange thing was that I hadn't even been drinking milk! Anyway, thanks for the memories, Tad!

-Bob "The Gaming Guru" Guru


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